I am lucky to have two children thriving in their respective schools. They have support from parents and grandparents and we are fortunate enough to be able to provide them with care after the school day ends and when their summer starts. But too few of our students see this support in College Park.


I have a firm belief that investment in the development of our children at their earliest ages - from birth until 10 years old, sets them on a successful path for the rest of their lives.  Investment in both in school and out of school experiences are critical to ensuring that our children are receiving the tools they need to succeed. It is for this reason that, if elected Mayor, I pledge to push for significant financial and technical support for our PTAs, public schools, and community organizations that increase resources available for our youngest citizens.


Investment in programs are not enough. We need to make sure we have the right evaluative tools to make sure our investments are generating the results that we need to see.  Those results include academic and social outcomes in Kindergarten, 3rd and 5th grades. With the investments, partnerships and proper progress monitoring in place with our schools, community partners, and PTAs, we can prepare students to achieve greatness in school and life.

Live, Work, and Play Districts

I love the ability to spend time in our city. Going to restaurants, playing with our children in our parks, and attending events and festivities in our commercial district all renew my love for College Park and its residents. But I feel as though our city has untapped potential.

Right now, we are at a pivotal moment for College Park. We can make smart investments to see our city rise to new heights, bring more diverse mix of businesses and create a more lively and exciting experiences in our commercial districts.  With more of our citizens able to spend their time living, working, and playing within our city limits, the impact of supporting our community will increase and our businesses will flourish.

Building Community Leadership

College Park is lucky to have so many dedicated citizens, but we need to support those citizens in a way that makes them want to give their all to our city.  We need to build a strong coalition of leaders, across all wards, coming together to tackle our city’s most pressing concerns.

Together we can make our city safer, cleaner and deeply grounded in a set of core values that define who we are and what we stand for. Working with our business and community leaders, the office of the Mayor can become a place where we come together to discuss and debate important policies and initiatives critical to the next years of development in College Park.

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